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Nothing is more frustrating than breaking a strap or heel on your favorite pair of shoes. It doesn’t matter that you may have another couple of pairs stashed away, that particular color and style may be the finishing touch on a certain outfit—a finishing touch you pounded the streets and malls to uncover. Understandably, irreplaceable.

So, when confronted with a hitch in your step, don't despair. Rafael's Shoe Repair will provide a quality shoe and leather repair service to have you back in action.

We repair all manner of shoes, including dress or formal shoes, casual shoes, boots, sandals, steel–toed boots or shoes, and sneakers. In addition, we work on belts, wallets, bags and purses, luggage, jackets, gloves, saddles, chaps, and motorcycling gear.

Shoe and leather repair services:

• Polishing scuffs
• Repairing tears and cuts
• Repair of clasps and zippers
• Replacement of elastic and Velcro
• Removal of stains and discoloration
• Cleaning of unsightly mold
• Sole replacement and repair – full and half soles, in leather or rubber
• Heel replacement and reinforcing – using rubber or leather heels, and heel guards
• Waterproofing of leather products
• Polishing
• Stretching
• Nourishing of dried-out and weather-abused leather

Having operated for years in this industry, we are experts in shoe and leather repair services and have earned our reputation as “The Best Shoe Repair Since 2007.”

Whatever your leather woes, Rafael's Shoe Repair will have your shoes and leather accessories as close to new as we can get them, giving your worn-out leather items a new lease on life. Shoe and leather repairs will provide you with an extended usage period for those precious clothing items and accessories. Make sure your shoes or jackets are waterproofed and reinforced for long-term, heavy-duty use when faced with tough conditions and a demanding lifestyle.

Contact us for further information on our shoe and leather repair services, at (410) 484-3680.

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