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Watch Repair And Keys

Watch Repair And Keys | Rafael's Shoe Repair

Our watch specialists service and repair all makes of watches, and they can replace batteries, repair seals, crystals, and gaskets, and refurbish...

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Shoe And Leather Repair

Shoe And Leather Repair | Rafael's Shoe Repair

Nothing is more frustrating than breaking a strap or heel on your favorite pair of shoes. It doesn’t matter that you may have another couple of...

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Orthopedic Footwear

Orthopedic Footwear | Rafael's Shoe Repair

As a cobbler and footwear specialist, we create corrective footwear products for our customers. Our custom-made orthopedic footwear is handcrafted...

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The Best Shoe Repair Since 2007

Welcome To Rafael's Shoe Repair

We provide Pikesville County, Baltimore, and the surrounding areas with a full shoe and leather repair service, in addition to watch repair and keys, and custom-made orthopedic footwear.

Our Slogan— "The Best Shoe Repair Since 2007" — is backed up by a history of meeting our customers' needs to the highest standards. At Rafael's Shoe Repair, we have built up a reputation for excellence.

Services we offer:

Duplicate Keys - Using cutting-edge technology, we accurately cut strong and serviceable duplicate keys.
Watch Repairs - We provide professional watch repairs and servicing of most brands, including battery replacement, cleaning, seal and gasket replacement, and water resistance testing.
Shoe and Leather Repairs - We repair scuffs and tears on all types of leather shoes, items, or accessories, and we mend clasps, zips, Velcro, and elastic.
Heel and Sole Replacements - By replacing soles and heels, we ensure your shoes have an extended lifespan.
Waterproofing - Weather-proof your heavy-duty shoes for maximum use and utilization.
Stretching - Get those gorgeous shoes fitting perfectly, without destroying your toes in the process. We will safely stretch the leather for comfort.
Leather Cleaning, Polishing and Stain Removal - Using effective leather products, we remove stains, re-nourish worn-out leather, or remove mold.
Extensions - We add puncture holes in belts or other leather products so they fit correctly.
Orthopedic Footwear - We manufacture custom-made footwear designed for maximum comfort and natural relief.

Our service excellence, quality products, and years of experience will ensure Rafael's Shoe Repair meets all your requirements for watch repair and keys, shoe and leather repair, and orthopedic footwear.

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